About Sniper vs Sniper

Each player in Sniper vs. Sniper assumes the role of a sniper and engages in brutal combat with enemies in this tactical first-person shooter. Accuracy, planning and lightning reflexes are the three most valuable attributes in this intense long-range sniper battle.

There will be many challenging duels ahead of you. A strong strategy, lightning-fast reactions and high precision are all that are needed! A gunshot to the body will not cut the body when facing an armed opponent. Aim for the head if you want to knock out your opponent on the first shot. Winning duels will grant you access to valuable cash and combat experience, two things you need to level up. You can use free rewards to adjust your in-game balance if you want in Sniper vs Sniper. You can unlock a variety of skins for AWP once you've accumulated enough cash. Will you step up and fight with us?


How To Play

  • WASD = move.
  • Space = jump.
  • Click = shoot.
  • R key = reload.

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