Amanda the Adventurer is an addictive horror game in creepy escape room-style. Players solve puzzles from Amanda and her pal Wooly while facing spooky things.

The Weird And Mystery VHS Tapes

Riley Park begins exploring Aunt Kate's house after inheriting it. Riley is shocked to see a collection of VHS tapes next to an antique TV in the attic. They appear to be episodes of a children's cartoon from the early 2000s that they have never seen before on the tapes. Riley curiously puts the first tape into the VCR.

These tapes appear to be a production with a modest budget. It appears to have been produced locally and stars a little girl named Amanda and Wooly the Sheep, her loyal but shy best friend. While the show at first seems charming and simple, Riley starts to feel uneasiness when realizing that Amanda and Wooly appear to be communicating with each other directly through the screen. They are compelled to stop by a gnawing feeling in the back of their minds, but Riley must keep watching the tapes. Riley is intrigued by the idea that Amanda might need something and becomes fascinated with finding out what that thing may be.

Solve The Puzzles

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror game that is available on PC. Players must work out puzzles and interact with some spooky things in order to complete this terrifying escape room-style video game. One of the most unsettling of these is a doll that may be found in the attic, close to the TV, where players are trapped. She carries the solution to two significant puzzles: the first is one that must be solved in order to reach one of the endings, and the second is a hidden cassette puzzle that must be solved in order to understand some of the show's lore.

What hides Amanda the Adventurer's warm and cheerful exterior? Who left behind these tapes? Will the answers you want to know be worth the price you will pay?

Make Sure To Play Each And Every Tape

There are three tapes about Amanda's adventures that you must see. You may have already observed that the character will occasionally quiz you. She also won't ever accept an answer that doesn't match her expectations. She'll get mad if you don't type the proper response.

But hold off until the third episode. The story starts to get pretty spooky at this point! You'll find yourself in a pitch-black setting. It vaguely brings something to mind. You'll then notice you are in your neighborhood all of a sudden. Amanda is also by herself right now. Wooly has vanished. It is still a secret.

The girl asks you to enter a home that looks exactly like your own. She seems quite happy, but her demeanor is very unsettling. Will you be the next person she attacks? To learn all of these embarrassing details, play the game!

Game Features

  • A succinct but complex single-player horror game.
  • Animated videos that masquerade as a welcoming children's animation but actually communicate a scary tale.
  • Classic CGI from the 1990s that brings to mind a simpler era in animation.
  • Views directly interact with characters -  Is it a dream come true for any 90s child's or a nightmare?
  • Using hints from the cassettes to solve difficult puzzles in the style of escape rooms.

Amanda The Adventurer: Demo Version

Amanda The Adventurer: Full Game (2023)

In The Kitchen

Amanda welcomes the player and explains that she and Wooly will be making an apple pie in the kitchen. However, she first asks the views what their preferred pie kind is before starting to make the pie.

In Your Neighborhood

When the player approaches Amanda on the street in front of a corner bakery, shop, and post office, she will say she wants to send her friend something special.

In Your Neighborhood (Second Version)

Oh No! Accidents!

Wooly attempts to warn the player not to do something before the episode starts, but Amanda interrupts him by looking furiously at a wounded Wooly. 

Oh No! Accidents! (Second Version)

The player will hear Wooly inquire, "Do you trust me?" Before the player finishes typing, Amanda will ask him ominously if he's ready for an adventure, and Wooly recoils in horror. 

What's a Family?

When Amanda shows up at the petting zoo's gate, she will subtly make fun of Wooly for being a sheep. Then, she will ask the player to make a sheepish noise. 

Everything Rots!

Amanda and Wooly show up at the picnic.

We Can Share

She may be heard humming off-camera at the beginning of the tape before being shown inside her home and talking to the player about sharing.

The Endings Walkthrough

How Many Endings In Amanda The Adventurer?

There are five different endings in Amanda the Adventurer. Stickers on the TV serve as a reminder of this, allowing you to track your progress by counting how many stickers are present.

A Gruesome End

This ending is, in some ways, the simplest. Players must follow the tapes' instructions and complete the puzzles exactly as they are provided in order to receive this ending. 

There is also a second option to get this ending; it may also be obtained if players reach the Family Tape without helping the kitten.

A Fateful End

The Fateful Ending is the second of the game's five different endings. Players might run into some difficulty trying to get to it because this ending requires a few more steps than A Gruesome End. The safe must be opened, and the pause button within must be used.

A Hollow End

A Hollow End is the third ending. Many of the steps from the second ending must be followed by players, with a few important changes.

The End

The End is essentially the same as that of A Hollow End, with one important difference: make sure you answer "yes" to Amanda's requests for permission to reveal her secret three times. As long as the player does not possess all five secret cassettes, this will trigger The End ending.

The End?

The End? is the final ending of Amanda the Adventurer? The same steps for The End must be met, but players must also unlock all five secret tapes. These can be found all throughout the game's course.

The End will look a little different this time if you follow the same steps after collecting all five secret tapes.

Great Treat For Horror Game Fan

Depending on your ability to solve puzzles, Amanda the Adventurer is a short game that you can probably finish in three hours or less. However, the length helps the game by ensuring that the puzzles remain challenging and the premise doesn't seem stale.

Anyone seeking a new horror game to try is advised to try Amanda the Adventurer, especially if they have any nostalgia for the style of the cartoon kids shows. Playing Amanda the Adventurer is an entertaining and quick horror experience.

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