About Rescue The Pretty Girl

Rescue The Pretty Girl is a point-and-click escape game in which a scoundrel has taken a girl hostage and imprisoned her in a house far from her hometown. Use her wits, solve complex problems and rescue her from her captors.

Using point and click controls is all that is required to play. To pass the levels, you will need to click on various places of interest and combine the corresponding hints. To advance, you will need to combine things, solve puzzles and open doors. You are getting closer and closer to freeing the girl from her captivity with each problem you complete. To achieve success in Rescue The Pretty Girl, pay attention to every part of it. Finding connections between settings or items that at first glance seem unrelated is often the key to solving mysteries. Be patient and don't make hasty decisions, telling you to never forget any clues you discover because they could be the key to your success.

How To Play

  • Click to solve the puzzle and open the door to save the girl.

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