About Stickman Team Detroit

In Stickman Team Detroit, there is a group of thieves attacking the city of Detroit, but three characters will work together to put an end to them. Using any of the three playable characters, you can freely eliminate the stickmen representing your opponents.

A Stickman team was formed by one of the gangs currently controlling the city. This individual made the decision to seize control of Detroit and rule it from the shadows by any means necessary. Each playable character has a unique combination of powers and weapons, making them a perfect fit for the role they are playing.

Game mode in Stickman Team Detroit

There are two different game modes available: one for one and one for two. The first mode is the one you should choose if you want to take on the entire audience alone. If you like being around other people, then you should choose the second option and quarrel with your friend. That would be great! Participants are asked to choose two robbers from the gang in the second mode of the game. You can start the epic fight as soon as that happens! It is imperative that you choose the right plan, as this will help you eliminate your opponents in the most effective way and eventually become the most powerful gangster.


How To Play

Player 1:

  • WASD = move
  • E = special attack
  • C = change character.

Player 2

  • Arrow = move
  • K = attack
  • L = special attack mode
  • B = show buttons.

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