About Deep Space Horror: Outpost

Deep Space Horror: Outpost is an exciting video game in which you are tasked with finding energy cells and avoiding or eliminating unknown monsters. It is imperative that players are constantly aware of their surroundings and have quick reactions to avoid or eliminate enemies before they attack.

The energy you had for your space cruiser has been exhausted. You're lucky to have a mission station in deep space. Each level requires the player to successfully collect an energy cell while maintaining his own life. Before you can continue your mission, you will need to collect a total of eight Power Cells. However, this is not as simple as it seems. The station has been cleared of human habitation. On that station, only one concept can exist: it is not human, and it is cruel! Additionally, to survive longer in the spooky outpost Deep Space Horror: Outpost, it's important to manage resources correctly.


How To Play

  • G = grenade throw
  • Shift left = run
  • Left Ctrl = crouch
  • X = prone
  • V = close combat
  • Space = jump
  • WASD = walking around
  • Mouse = look around
  • Mouse wheel = change weapon.

This battle always brings interesting and thrilling feelings. You can also see more of it in our similar games: Knife Hit Horror, Horror Escape.

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