About World Of Fighters: Iron Fists

In the action game World Of Fighters: Iron Fists you will start your trip in the streets as an amateur, you use your talents to run through the streets. Get ready to take over the city by choosing your character, warming up your muscles and getting ready to play!

Achieve complete control of the city by overcoming opponents from newcomers to seasoned veterans and making your way through the streets. Players are forced to adapt to ever-changing situations in this difficult fighting game, which also increases the likelihood of being betrayed by their opponents. You can start your journey in the training room, where you will get acquainted with basic moves and attack combos. If you want to stand out from the crowd in World Of Fighters: Iron Fists, unlock new heroes and build a reputation for yourself, you should master martial arts. Now, put on your boxing gloves and head to the stage! Clear the city, confront the boss and win!

Features in World Of Fighters: Iron Fists

  • Beautiful graphics with 3D design.
  • Many enemy types and challenging levels.
  • 3 aircraft options with different character stats.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use spacebar to jump.
  • The "Z, X, C" keys to attack.

Fighting games like Granny Hidden Skull Shadows or Deep Space Horror: Outpost are fun challenges that you should try if you like arcade fighting games. Start exploring now!

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