About Skibidi Dash

Skibidi Dash is an endless running game where you have to reach maximum distance while showing off your ability to overcome dangerous obstacles. Go to the end of each level to unlock more characters and continue your adventure.

The Skibidi toilet will continue to move on the platform without human intervention. If you want to land and slide safely, you should aim for the squares; otherwise, you should avoid triangles and other non-square shapes. Collecting shiny gems scattered along the tracks will help you gain points for getting as far as possible. You can then use these points to buy a new toilet cover that you can use for future runs. Play as fast as you can to get a high score, get access to more restrooms, and advance through the game. Wishing you an enjoyable gaming experience!

How To Play

  • To assist the main character in jumping over obstacles, you can touch or click on the screen.

Skibidi Toilet vs Wario and Skibidi Online are just some of the thrilling rides available on our website for you to experience.

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