About Scary Baby Yellow Game

In Scary Baby Yellow Game, you take on the role of a babysitter tasked with protecting a newborn from a young demon, represented by a yellow newborn. To complete the level and achieve your goal, you will need to search for the baby in each environment and then follow the instructions.

You've recently started working as a babysitter and some strange things are happening. You'll start by slowly walking up to the newborn in the room and picking him up to complete the level. However, when you reach the second level, you will have a more difficult task, as you will have to remove the babies from the wrong room and place them in their own bedroom. Complete all of them and any other work you're given before the deadline expires. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you can escape Scary Baby Yellow Game when the little demon appears and starts chasing and haunting you. If you get caught, the game will end. You can complete all of this in ten different stages, each with increasing difficulty but also filled with fun and fear!

How To Play

  • WASD = move
  • Hold Shift = run
  • Hover = look around
  • F = interaction with character/goods.

What will it be like to take care of a special newborn in a house that is both isolated and strange? You can experience more of this feeling in some of our similar games: Scary Granny Games Ghost GamesDetective Scary Cases.

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