About Granny Hidden Skull Shadows

Granny Hidden Skull Shadows is an engaging hidden object game that invites players to plunge into a terrifying world to decipher mysterious shadows. Be patient and pay attention to every corner of the screen, and every precise click will contribute to your high score.

There will be a specific area displayed on the screen in front of you. You will need to analyze everything in detail. Look for the shadow of the skull. Whenever you encounter one of them, you just need to use your mouse to click directly on it. As a result, you will choose the item offered to you and receive points for it. There are ten skull silhouettes hidden in six different levels. Each level is packed with fascinating details that are sure to test your powers of observation. As you progress in Granny Hidden Skull Shadows, your goal is to find and click on 10 hidden skull shadows spread across six different levels. You will receive points for each click, but precision is essential as incorrect clicks will not count towards your total score.

How To Play

  • Click to search for hidden skulls.

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