About Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

In the game Zombie Paradise - Fury Road, your goal is to race through desolate landscapes while eliminating zombies and competing in arenas! You will participate in a fierce competition with other modified vehicles in these arenas.

Once in his vehicle, your protagonist begins his quest to gather food and other necessities for survival. Your hero must expertly navigate the path, dodging dangers along the way. Stopping your car will result in zombies trying to stop it. In Zombie Paradise - Fury Roa, you can earn points by eliminating living zombies. Dump those nasty zombies under the wheels of your turbo by crashing, swerving and sliding. Eliminating the zombie boss will get you countless rewards! Invest in brand new SUVs, accumulate as many coins as possible in all types of games to unlock more powerful vehicles! The dangers you encounter the faster you drive are greater, so be careful!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to control your vehicle and hero.

Get through these fierce battles, defeat the zombie boss to become the winner. Then you can check out more Night OffRoad Cargo or Mini Grand Theft City available on our website to experience!

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