About Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master is a brand new action game in which you are tasked with helping a woman escape this terrible town and stay away from the zombies. Each of your tasks has distinct outcomes that can be determined by your choices, so make sure you pay attention to all of them.

All the children were turned into savage beasts by a strange virus that suddenly appeared. The town, which once thrived before the zombie epidemic, has now become desolate. There are many interesting levels waiting for you and you will have to solve all kinds of puzzles to get out of difficult situations. If you get stuck on any level, you can get free clues by looking at the bottom right corner. Thoroughly investigate the area to find useful artifacts that can divert the zombies' attention so you can escape undetected. To get weapons in Zombie City Master, you and the survivors must coordinate a raid on the police station. The next step is to escape from a secret laboratory and defeat a giant mutant with two heads. Another option is to live in seclusion in the woods and try to overcome adversity on your own. Can you successfully escape from this dangerous place?

How To Play

  • Click to use weapons and control the character.

The war does not stop here. After successfully doing it, play Noob: Zombie Prison EscapeZombCopter to practice your skills!

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