About You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets

You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets is a first-person shooter that lets you take control of a famous Cameraman whose mission is to destroy dangerous enemies! Get ready for some tough battles, as you will face waves of these bizarre enemies.

You'll be armed to the teeth with lethal weapons to be able to wipe out any Skibidi Toilets that stand in your way. As you progress in the game and defeat your enemies, you'll earn coins that allow you to unlock new weapons and personalize your look. Make sure you choose a look and an outfit that will make you stand out as the most stylish photographer on the battlefield. Can you win and gain the status of a true hero? See more games like Skibidi Toilet Video Call to experience.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to aim.
  • Move with the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Space key is used to jump.


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