About Stickman Home Escape

In the game Stickman Home Escape you have to assist Stickman in a challenging case, the goal is to find out what's inside the room's box by opening it. Stay calm and find a way out of the house. There are many narrative components and possibilities waiting for you.

You can get into action right after watching Stickman's story. Find the path to a happy conclusion by weighing your options. A real quest awaits the player, where each choice will bring a different result. See where the stickman goes by trying each one. Trial and error is the only way to find the right choice. By eliminating redundant items, you will be able to move on to the next chapter. Don't miss any opportunity by not taking any course. Let's hope something unexpected will happen so you can help the young couple reconcile! Are you a wise person and can find a way out of all difficulties?

How To Play

  • Click to help stickman move to escape the room.

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