About Nextbot Run Away

Nextbot Run Away is an escape action game with 3D meme graphics in which you will participate in the craziest race of your life with exciting missions. In this modern day, how many meme photos are you familiar with?

To complete the game, players will have to run as long as possible while avoiding persistent Nextbots that become increasingly bizarre as they progress. Another option is to play in sandbox mode. You'll need to show off your reflexes, collect power-ups, and use upgrades to succeed in the fun meme escape game Nextbot Run Away! In Survival mode as well as Sandbox mode, there are many meme images trying to attract you. By moving to other platforms, you'll be able to avoid being approached by incoming memes. You have the ability to change your favorite memo photos and set their speed in Sandbox mode if you don't like the current photos being displayed. How long you can live will determine how much money you can earn.

How To Play

  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump
  • TAB = show mouse
  • Q key = use menu box.

After completing this challenge, you can improve your speed and skills through several games like Nextbot: Can You Escape? to compete for higher survival records!

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