About Abandoned Forest House

In Abandoned Forest House, you will have the opportunity to explore a deserted mansion in the jungle with the goal of solving puzzles to collect coins. To move forward, you will need to regroup and solve more strange puzzles if you collect all the clues.

One day, you were walking in a dense forest and you came across an old abandoned building. After finding the keys that open the closed doors, you'll need to use your deductive reasoning skills to locate the coins hidden in the maze. As soon as you decide to enter, the door slams shut and you find yourself in a precarious situation. To escape this trap, you will need to use your wits to figure out all the puzzles and riddles scattered throughout the house. You must search the entire structure to locate the 45 old coins. Your escape strategy cannot be successful if you don't capitalize on your excuses.

How To Play

  • Click to unlock closed doors.

Try to run away as quickly as possible and join more games like Siren Head Forest Return, Spooky Forest Run. Wish you have fun experiences!

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