About Robot Ring Fighting

Robot Ring Fighting is an exciting fighting game with amazing characters in which you have to use spectacular combos to hit your opponents and defeat them. Choose from a variety of robot fighters—mechanical stone beasts, metal warriors, or anything else—and start kicking and punching your way to victory.

Are you a fan of incredible wrestling and robot matches? To become the dominant robot in the ring, you can choose from a variety of powerful robots in the game. It feels like you're getting different packs of boxing games, each with its own obstacles and ways to overcome them. Before taking Robot Ring Fighting to the next level, hone your punching skills on a simulated punching bag. Punch your way to spectacular defeats by performing impressive combos. Redeem your points to upgrade your robot when you win.

How To Play

  • Press the left joystick button to move.
  • To attack or block, press the right buttons.
  • Directional arrows control movement.
  • Z hits the arm.
  • X is used for kicking and C for blocking.
  • Jump with the Space key.

Do you really believe that you can defeat each of your mechanical enemies? Play some more of our games to learn more, for example: Stickman Battle Ultimate FightWorld Of Fighters: Iron Fists.

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