About Mr Throw

In the entertaining online game Mr Throw, you will have the opportunity to face off against other players while throwing various objects at them. Throw whatever you can get your hands on at your opponent once you've determined its strength and direction. Be on top in this dangerous trash war!

To take down opponents and get as many health points as possible, you must throw objects at them. Take aim with a roll of toilet paper, a teddy bear, a laptop or any other fun object and hit your opponent straight in the face. To achieve victory, you must first eliminate him because he will attack you at the same time. Mr Throw games allow you to create your character, buy upgrades to increase your power, and buy new things between levels. When you open chests, you'll find more unlockables, including superheroes and special weapons. Your insatiable craving for variety in fighting games has subsided. Can you beat your opponents and come out on top?


How To Play

  • Click and hold the mouse or finger on the screen to throw objects and enemies.

Embark on a wild adventure to become a champion in the fighting arena! After that, you can join new wars like Super Kid Adventure, Zombie Treasure Adventure.

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