About Zombie Crusher

Zombie Crusher is an exciting zombie game in which you take on the role of a hero for humanity as you take on a planet filled with the undead. There are zombies invading the planet; Eliminate all zombies by tapping or clicking on them and save all those who are still alive.

Use your lightning-fast reflexes, clever thinking and ruthless mouse clicks to wipe out hordes of zombies in Zombie Crusher. However, you must be careful not to cause any harm to any survivors, as doing so can immediately end your adventure. Damage is dealt to zombies with each click, with larger zombies requiring more clicks. Since your score increases in direct proportion to how quickly you clear them, this is a test of both speed and accuracy. It is imperative that you pay attention to the survivors because the game will end if you accidentally touch one. The number of zombies is not allowed to increase; Eliminate them as quickly as possible! Avoid pressing the person or survivor button, otherwise the game will be over.


How To Play

  • Click on the zombies in front of you to eliminate them.

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