About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

In the Playtime Horror Monster Ground game, you have to build your own one-of-a-kind cartoon monster by combining its many components. The goal is to locate and eliminate all opponents in a level, but you must heed the warning: can your aminatronic monster eliminate powerful bosses from the police squad? ?

You have your own playing field and your opponents are trying to hide from you! You have your own hunting area to play in, where you are free to eliminate anything in that level. To create stunning cartoon monsters that can slice through your enemies, you'll need to smash through walls, collect coins, buy more body parts and then combine them. Become a formidable robot monster and start destroying everything that comes in your way until you reach your victim. This will continue until you find them in Playtime Horror Monster Ground. Assassinate everyone who can hide behind any object, from couches to ovens. As soon as the police come to arrest you, you just need to run towards them and take them down.

How To Play

  • Use mouse/WASD to move.

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