About Impostor Rescue Online

Impostor Rescue Online, your goal is to find the safest and most accurate escape route for the impostor and stay away from the puzzle ships. Help the Impostor save his friends and get more skins by solving problems with your quick wits.

In this game you will have to pass 30 different levels. Make sure the little creature has enough water in each level to rescue it. In each level, you will notice blue balls that represent water drops. However, providing an impostor with an area filled with water is not simple in Impostor Rescue Online. The blue balls are stuck on the imposter's head, but there are a lot of pegs that need to be moved to get them out. However, in addition to water drops, there are also flaming bullets. Just one fireball touching a creature can cause it to disintegrate into thin air. Therefore, be very careful when choosing the pins to shift. Get enough juice for the adorable imposter by using your puzzle-solving abilities and the best techniques for each stage!


  • Colorful 2D graphics.
  • Many levels and skins to unlock.
  • Visual skills required.

How To Play

  • Click to hit the fireball above the imposter's head.

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